$30 a month!   $1 a day!    Helping the Life of One Child!

It costs $150 to feed all the children in the orphanage.  We have 107 children, 71 of whom have no family at all.   In addition to food, there are school fees, clothing costs. It all adds up.  $30 a month is enough to cover the food and not much else.

$1 a day does not sound like much, but it can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

If you have children of your own , then you already know how hard it can be to raise a child.  Most of these children have no support at all.  We are not trying to make you feel guilty.   We are just trying to find provision for these children.

Thank you for looking at our site!


If you sponsor a child with us, not only will we send you information about your child, but we will let you call and talk to your child as well.  We want you to be able to interact.

We can send you report cards and school reports so you are up to date on their schooling.




Many false prophets are at work

There are a lot of people who need help in this world.  We know it can be a hard choice to know where to direct your efforts.  We wish to provide proof of our integrity.  Feel free to ask us questions.  Contact us!  We love to interact with people and pray with them.   Yes, we know there are scams out there in the world.  Many orphanages in Uganda only exist to make money and can make things worse instead of better.  Even many NGO’s can be a scam, so  be sure to ask questions.



We registeredGrace Christian Fellowship as a CBO (Uganda Community Based Organization) now, a  community based charity within Uganda.   That serves for Homeland Orphanage, too.  A NGO is a Non Government Organization which can be worldwide, just for general information.





Even if you choose to not support a child with us, we thank you checking us out.

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